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How to Submit a Course Reserve Request Online

*Required Information

Personal Info 

  • Name and email address of the person submitting the request*
  • Requests can be submitted by an instructor, administrative assistant, student assistant, etc.
  • (Show Me This Step)

Course Info

  • Choose a course from the drop-down box. If you have used eReserves for this course before, please reuse the class*
  • (Show Me This Step)
  • If the class is not listed, Choose "Enter it manually instead". Use the course information from Self Service.
  • Fill in:
    • Course Number*
    • Course Name*
    • Instructor (Instructor of record for the course)*
    • Term (Choose from the drop-down menu)*
    • Optional: Description
    • Enrollment (For upcoming semesters, use the enrollment cap)*
  • (Show Me This Step)

Item Info

  • Item Info: This is how a reserve item will appear to the students.
  • Name (How the instructor wishes to refer to the item: 'Herther article' or 'Module 1 Reading', etc.)*
  • Description (optional)
  • URL
  • File Attachment
  • Additional Info/Instructions
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Display Info

  • Folder (optional): This will organize items into a folder
  • Start and End Visibility (optional): An item can be given dates when it will be available and removed for students.
  • Type: Choose the format of the reserve item*
    • Book/eBook/Chapter
    • Article
    • Website
    • Media
    • Instructor Files 
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Click Submit

  • Read the statement, and check the box. Click Submit.
  • A librarian will be in touch if there are any issues or concerns with your request
  • The course instructor will be notified when the reserve list is ready

Once you have submitted your request, you can add more items to the class or submit requests for other classes.


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