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First Year Student Showcase - Fall 2021

by Artemis Vex on 2021-11-19T16:40:55-05:00 | 0 Comments


This past week the Kelly Library was the go-to location for the First Year Student Showcase. Held each year, this event allows students to present the work and research that they have spent all semester working on. 


This event took place over two days this year. 


Tuesday, November 16th - Day 1 

Students covered a myriad of interesting topics including the portrayal of stereotypes in media, dietary habits and the effects that meal plans have on students, fast food misinformation, waste management efforts on campus including potential solutions, love in literature with a focus on and application of The Four Loves, and an exploration of identity.


Reel to Real: The Portrayal of Stereotypes in TV and Film. Prof. Samatha Lopez's class.


A presentation exploring different issues concerning childhood obesity.


This student explored the misuse of energy and water in college dorms and what solutions could be taken to reduce that waste.


It's All Love. Prof. Matthew Kelley's class.


Reel to Real: The Portrayal of Stereotypes in TV and Film. Prof. Samatha Lopez's class.



Adventure in Place Identity & The Stories We Tell. Prof. Alexandria Crowson's class.


Wednesday, November 17th - Day 2 

The second day of student showcases presented a new round of classes, topics, and students. Presentations included such topics as drug abuse in Appalachia, the health literacy of Millennials, controversial discussions in sports (i.e. enhancement substances, dangerous sports, etc.), the power of our stories, explorations on what college is and how it is portrayed in the media, and an exploration in Appalachian identity.


Sport, Physical Culture, Physical Literacy, and Identity. Prof. Rebecca Buchanan's class.


Knowing Places, Knowing Ourselves. Prof. Nicole Drewitz-Crockett's class.


Useful Stories and Useful Questions for Useful Lives. Prof. Tal Stanley's class.


This student explored the differences between the health literacy of millennials and health providers.


What is College? Interrogating an Institution. Prof. Ruth Castillo's class.


Exploring Appalachian Civic Identity. Prof. Scott Sikes' class.



We had a very busy two days in the library! A big thank you to all of the students and professors for sharing with us a look at the projects you have been working on this semester. Good luck to everyone as finals have begun!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 

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