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I recommend you read these recommendations #1

by Artemis Vex on 2021-10-13T15:31:00-04:00 | 0 Comments

There are so many things constantly vying for our attention every day. Not to mention the many reviews and recommendations that further bombard us, tempting us to further explore the vast abundance of ideas, content, creativity, and knowledge that exists and continues to be produced. So, ask you really need any more recommendations? 

The answer: Well of course you do! 


Recommendations present us with a variety of content that, had someone else not said “Hey, check this out!”, would simply pass under our radar. Alone, recommendations are fun. They create opportunities to find new things, new interests, hobbies, movies, music, facts, and other information. Recommendations also give us the chance to see what kinds of things have captivated the interests and attention of those doing the recommending. It gives us an opportunity to see what the people around us are interested in. It gives us an opportunity to learn, to grow, to do something new and different.

Below you can find a few recommendations from the library staff:


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Fireside Mystery Theatre

They have 6 years' worth of podcasts and are still going, and they are wonderful and well-produced shows! They have original radio plays, and they have their own renditions of old plays, they also have original scoring and wonderful radio/voice actors. All the shows are on the spooky side, so it's a must listen to during the Halloween Season. 

How did you find it?:

It was a recommendation on Apple Podcasts

What made you like it?: 

The reason I like it so much is the originality of the stories and characters. I also enjoy the fact that it's radio theatre, something that isn't a prominent form of entertainment today. 

Why recommend it?: 

I think this is a great recommendation to the theatre and communications department. I think it could help inspire, and if not inspire, provide good entertainment for an hour or so!


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How to Write a Paper - George M. Hall (ed)

Provides an in-depth look at how to write a paper for publication and describes what each section should include

How did you find it? - It was recommended by a friend

What made you like it? - It is written in language that is easy to understand, and it is relatively short

Why recommend it? -  It is the most helpful guide I have ever found about how to write a paper for research


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TV Show: Death in Paradise

Cozy-type mystery set on a fictional island in the Caribbean.

How I found it: My mother recommended it.

What made me like it: Fun ska, reggae, soca music. Fun and quirky characters. Great British/French, British/Caribbean, French/Caribbean juxtaposition. Classic mystery format with twists. The only continuing characters are not the main characters. Harry the lizard. 

Why do I recommend it: It is a great mood lifter. In most episodes, you leave on a high note.


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Book: Game of Cones

Cozy-Mystery set in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, set around an ice-cream store.

How I found it: Looking for mysteries for the popular reading collection.

What made me like it: Everything wonderful about that part of Ohio is in this book. (It is the second of the series.) There are also several parts of this book that make it delightful to me personally. 

Why do I recommend it: Cozy mystery. Charming. 


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Bushcraft Bear on YouTube

He is a resident on the Island of La Palma.  The Island is currently having a volcanic eruption.

How I found it: I had previously watched a documentary about La Palma and its volcano.

What made me like it: I find the shots of the volcano erupting fascinating.  Also, I find it interesting that all the residents of the island have not evacuated and are trying to go along with their everyday lives (Update: they have begun evacuating the island).

Why do I recommend it: If you want accurate reporting of the current situation in La Palma, then this YouTube Chanel is for you.


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TV Series: Star Wars Visions

Well, in a galaxy far, far away a long time ago...Just kidding! A series of short episodes that have meshed Star Wars and Japanese Anime together as one. New characters, new stories, and amazing anime artistry.

How I found it: Disney+ (where the Star Wars resides)

What made me like it: I must say, I am big into Star Wars anyways, so liking this just came with the territory. That being said, the characters that were created for this show are excellent. They are each unique and they add a twist to the whole franchise. For other Star Wars enthusiasts a small tease: there is a great deal of focus on Force-wielders and there are some old faces that also make an appearance!

Why do I recommend it: It's fun, entertaining, and the art is spectacular.




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